Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You
Why did I have to go and fuck everything up. Fuck. I had a beautiful thing with a wonderful lady. Fuck my life. Literally. Don’t really care for it anymore. Not without her.



It’s a different type of lost. It’s the kind where you feel as though you’ve lost something you’ve never truly had but you swear it was yours. It’s visceral. And I think for as long as you can recall, what belonged to you, should belong to you, will stay haunting. To lose something that no amount of wealth or success could buy back, that nobody could help to distract or replace. To lose something so transparent but permanent. It’s different.

Makes the stomach hurt

She will need to be loved and want to feel sexy and have sex. It’s natural she’s going to need and want these things as much as anyone else does.

I just hope I’m either in my car on the way to her house or she’s in hers on the way to me when she wants to get any if those things. Because damn do I fuckin miss her already and I want to love her so damn bad and I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE HER.

I have no control over this now, all I can do is pray.

I gave her this option, choice. Choice of any man to do anything she pleases.

I’m a fuckin idiot.


See y’all when I have my own place.

My life will be better from here on, a complete 100% turn around. I will provide a life for myself but I will not LIVE unless she is next to me every sundown and and sunrise.

If you’re alone in a room and you’re suffering, eventually it will dawn on you that you’re the one who’s causing it. Checkmate.
― Byron Katie (via unconditionedconsciousness)
I betrayed you. Betrayed our love.

It sickens me. Tears me apart.

Threw it all away.
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